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In 2011, Congress formed a federal agency called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB was supposed to be an independent watchdog to protect Americans' finances, but now it is plagued by scandal and needs rapid action to fix it.

The CFPB doesn't obey government pay scales and its employees are the most lavishly paid of all federal workers. The average salary for the CFPB's 1,400 employees is $118,000 per year.

Three-dozen CFPB employees are paid more than the Supreme Court Justices and 14 of their senior managers are paid more than Vice President Joe Biden.

Congress' intentions when the formed the CFPB were good, but if the CFPB is to achieve great things they must be made answerable to the people you elect.

Your Senator can save the CFPB by making its management answer to Congress. It only takes one minute to contact your Senator with our online form and make a difference.  Start by entering your zip code below,

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